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Before we launch into 2021 we were given the opportunity to access valuable insight into an environment that has seen its processes and workflows challenged dramatically in 2020, sales, by the significant shift in consumer and business perceptions.

HubSpot conducted "The State of Sales and the Customer Experience in Australia- 2020 and beyond" a research program with Australian sales leaders and consumers in September 2020. Kevin Ackhurst, ANZ Enterprise Sales Director, HubSpot said: "We were more than six months into a changed way of life and had a huge number of questions that we set out to find answers to." These should have a valid place in your planning for 2021.

  • How do we think we’re faring as sales leaders?
  • Has the pandemic changed the role of sales?
  • What have we prioritised from a business perspective in 2020, and were these the right priorities?
  • What were our core challenges this year?
  • And how do Australian consumers feel about the changing experience they’ve seen?

Here are the answers and highlights as we saw them.

The Covid Impact on Sales

Key findings


57% of sales leaders recognise that COVID-19 has made the role of sales more important

Similarly, with their belief of higher customer experience expectations, medium-sized businesses are more likely to believe that COVID-19 has made the role of sales more important compared to smaller companies (64% of 250-499 sized businesses compared to 48% 100-249 sized businesses).

Decision-makers in businesses with a turnover of $50m+ a year are more likely to believe this role is more important as a result of the pandemic (65%) compared to those with a turnover of $1-$49.9m (52%)

58% of consumers who think the customer experience they expect to receive is more important due to COVID-19 believe that brands and companies need to find new ways to engage their customers as a result of the pandemic
57% of these consumers believe that COVID-19 has created a need for a better sales experience, due to the fact that there are more options when shopping online