Marketers, we are your steward

All your prospects and customers are on a quest to accomplish a set of goals. Your task as a service or product marketer is to promise and offer fulfilment of these needs. They might not know what their experience with you will ultimately be, but as marketers, it’s your job to entice, educate and reward. Your products and services are only part of the purchasing decision, it is your ongoing one-on-one relationship with your customers that builds satisfaction and creates your product champions.

It’s Y’s job to not only promote effectively but to offer you educational guidance in how to best build trust with both your prospects and your customers. The start of this process is obviously to understand who your prospects and customers are. When you know your audience, you have insight into their motivations, behaviour and any roadblocks, and can far more easily meet their goals and expectations. This helps you create content that’s timely, aligned, and personalised to fit their needs. Your goal is to provide the right information to the right person at the right time via the right channel, every single time.

We help you more effectively manage your workflow by ensuring that your effort creates the most impact with the right audiences for your brand. You attract prospects and customers to your website through helpful content. You engage with them using conversational tools like email and chat and by providing value once they land there. And finally, you delight by continuing to act as an empathetic advisor and expert. These steps form a single methodology: attract, engage, delight, and repeat. This cycle or “flywheel” of developing meaningful relationships will power your company’s growth by creating more opportunities to sell and service down the line.

The relationship with your customers should span all your teams—marketing, sales, and service—and not simply marketing and communications. To be effective a streamlined and coordinated approach involving prospecting, sales and after-sales service is needed. Y’s looks holistically at your entire business before we recommend anything. We offer a data-driven mindset.


Y’s will assist you in understanding the parameters of organic search, paid search and local search to build your customer base.

Social Media

Using relevant content social media offers opportunities to build both one-on-one relationships with your prospects and customers, and to develop a community centred around your business offerings.
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Measuring the speed of your website is important, affecting rankings in organic search, visibility on Facebook, and the overall user experience. Optimising is a must-do.

Mobile Ads

As smartphones become the norm for most communications it's vital that all your marketing channels are designed to fit comfortably within this lead environment.