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To build an engaged audience as a healthcare entity, using content marketing and related tactics its a juggling act when it comes to selecting content? Wellness? Food? Maladies? Trends? You can’t be topically authoritative about everything, what topics do you pick?

We came across a post in 'Convince and Convert'  and wanted to share this bigtime. Their friends at Ceralytics shedded some light on this tricky question with their new research: 2018 Healthcare Content Marketing Report (grab it at no cost here).

'In this research, the Ceralytics team analyzed more than 16,000 healthcare topics and evaluated more than three million social shares. They also looked at search engine popularity, web traffic, and other inputs.

They also ingested every speck of content from nine very large and prominent creators to see what topics they actually cover day-to-day and the popularity of those topics. Included in the study were Kindred Healthcare, HCA Today, United Healthcare, Norton Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Health News, Aetna, CVS, and Mayo Clinic.

The 26 most popular topics for healthcare content marketing in 2018

Based on this data, Ceralytics uncovered the 26 most popular topics for healthcare content marketing in 2018, according to actual behavior of content consumers, in order of popularity. Of course, many of these topics are combined in searches and in content executions:

  1. heart disease (95,000+ social shares on this topic alone)
  2. diet (82,000+ social shares)
  3. tips
  4. recipes (best performing recipe: brussel sprouts!!)
  5. pain (exceptional performance in social sharing, less so in search)
  6. brain
  7. symptoms
  8. women
  9. stress
  10. stroke
  11. health
  12. truth
  13. heart attack
  14. blood sugar
  15. children
  16. diabetes
  17. foods
  18. heart
  19. weight loss
  20. adults
  21. sleep
  22. smoking
  23. high blood pressure
  24. blood pressure
  25. Americans
  26. drugs

In the full report, Ceralytics also provides a list of the 26 topics that are actually used most often in content marketing among the nine large healthcare organizations studied. There’s quite a bit of crossover between the lists, but by no means a one-to-one overlap.' said Jay.

Jay Baer is President of Convince & Convert, a global keynote speaker and emcee, host of the Social Pros podcast, an inductee into the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame.

Their snapshot from this was 'Based on this analysis, which should of course be buttressed by your own research, if a healthcare brand asked me and the strategy team at Convince & Convert where to focus content marketing efforts, I would initially look to do a deep dive on all things heart health-related.' We concur with their view, and how different is Australia from the US. Here's one view  'An obesity expert from the UK believes Australia has overtaken America as having one of the unhealthiest diets in the world.' ABC News

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