Customer experience in a café

Phil Young retail marketing and branding Leave a Comment

Coming back from a client meeting the other day I wanted to grab a coffee. Spotting a favourite bean of mine Gabriel I stepped into this café and was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome to their happy hour and at once felt part of their community.

As I placed my order,  I was presented a killer offer, heads or tails for a free coffee, this was memorable and bang I was converted. 

Lots of laughs and smiles, they flipped, the unexpected worked. A neat little bit of marketing. Drop in to J M Formula if you are in that part of town between 11-12. And I won the toss, thanks guys!

Four principles at work here which is a mantra for us;
Teach them something.
Entertain. Inspire. Make them smile.
Help them make a good decision.
Make their lives a bit easier.

Over to you

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