Building awareness with a focus on your customer needs

Building awareness

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What’s your success sweetspot?Focus on what your patient wants most and what your practice does best. Step 1. Create Your Patient Personas The first crucial step is to map your patient’s digital journey with a patient-centric mindset. With so many different options for healthcare services, it is essential to design an effective strategy. Ask yourself some tough questions… Why would …

The state of sales

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Before we launch into 2021 we were given the opportunity to access valuable insight into an environment that has seen its processes and workflows challenged dramatically in 2020, sales, by the significant shift in consumer and business perceptions. HubSpot conducted “The State of Sales and the Customer Experience in Australia- 2020 and beyond” a research program with Australian sales leaders and consumers in September …

Building the bridge between Blog Traffic and Lead Generation

Building the bridge between Blog Traffic and Lead Generation

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Before you jump into this post, I would like to say thanks Kristen Deyo @ SmartBug Media for articulating a topic running around inside my head for some time for many of my clients. They are the highest-rated agency among all of HubSpot’s partners. Kristen says “Turning your blog into a lead generation engine is no easy feat, but it …

Buyer personas a must for all marketers

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Do you know who your typical customers are? Do you know where they shop? How much money they make in a year? How many kids they have? As a whole, all these things may not seem important to you compared to the product you sell, but they are important characteristics for your customers and how they make their purchasing decisions. …

Customer experience in a café

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Coming back from a client meeting the other day I wanted to grab a coffee. Spotting a favourite bean of mine Gabriel I stepped into this café and was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome to their happy hour and at once felt part of their community.As I placed my order,  I was presented a killer offer, heads or tails for …

Getting your healthcare content marketing right

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To build an engaged audience as a healthcare entity, using content marketing and related tactics its a juggling act when it comes to selecting content? Wellness? Food? Maladies? Trends? You can’t be topically authoritative about everything, what topics do you pick?We came across a post in ‘Convince and Convert’  and wanted to share this bigtime. Their friends at Ceralytics shedded …