Building the bridge between Blog Traffic and Lead Generation

Building the bridge between Blog Traffic and Lead Generation

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Before you jump into this post, I would like to say thanks Kristen Deyo @ SmartBug Media for articulating a topic running around inside my head for some time for many of my clients. They are the highest-rated agency among all of HubSpot’s partners. Kristen says “Turning your blog into a lead generation engine is no easy feat, but it …

Buyer personas a must for all marketers

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Do you know who your typical customers are? Do you know where they shop? How much money they make in a year? How many kids they have? As a whole, all these things may not seem important to you compared to the product you sell, but they are important characteristics for your customers and how they make their purchasing decisions. …

Getting your content marketing right

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To build an engaged audience as a healthcare entity, using content marketing and related tactics its a juggling act when it comes to selecting content? Wellness? Food? Maladies? Trends? You can’t be topically authoritative about everything, what topics do you pick? We came across a post in ‘Convince and Convert’  and wanted to share this bigtime. Their friends at Ceralytics …